if “barnacles” is a curse word in Spongebob, then how do you explain Barnacle Boy’s name

He’s a fuck boy

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Being a Disney Princess sounds fun.


Apart from the dead parents, running away from home, being drugged, locked up, forced to do housework for no wages and marrying a complete stranger.

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"No writing is wasted. Did you know that sourdough from San Francisco is leavened partly by a bacteria called lactobacillus sanfrancisensis? It is native to the soil there, and does not do well elsewhere. But any kitchen can become an ecosystem. If you bake a lot, your kitchen will become a happy home to wild yeasts, and all your bread will taste better. Even a failed loaf is not wasted. Likewise, cheese makers wash the dairy floor with whey. Tomato gardeners compost with rotten tomatoes. No writing is wasted: the words you can’t put in your book can wash the floor, live in the soil, lurk around in the air. They will make the next words better."
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my brother was running up the stairs on all fours and he slipped and just kind of gave up

can’t wait to tell my brother that his picture has 50 notes

3D printing is being used to print organs, prosthetic limbs, and this

I hate when that happens